Mahalaxmi Puja


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    •  Avg. Preparation Time : 90 Min
    • Puja Performance Duration : 6 Hrs
    • Days : 1
    • No of Pandits Required : 1
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About Mahalaxmi Puja

Maa Lakshmi is one of the most revered deities of the Hinduism and one of the Trimurti Godesses alongside Durga and Saraswati. Devotees all across India perform worship of Maa Lakshmi at home and at temples every day, to seek her most auspicious blessings.

Goddess Mahalaxmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. She holds the material fulfilment and contentment and her arms are always raised to shower blessings on her devotees.

Families perform Mahalaxmi puja in order to seek the blessings of goddess. According to Hindu lunar calendar, of north India the Mahalaxmi vrat is observed from the 8th day of bright fortnight of bhdrapad and completes on the 8th day of the ashwin month, which falls in the month of September October month of international calendar. This fast is very popular in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh for 16 days in order to seek the blessings of the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of  Mahalaxmi Puja :

  • Makes one wealthy and financially successful.
  • Removes obstacles in personal and professional life.
  • Reduces the negative effects of Grah Dosh.
  • Family life becomes more harmonious.
  • Communication skills also improve which results in better outcomes for business.

Puja Samagri :

Samagri that can be provide : Supari, Laung, Roli, Rice, Chandan, Haldi Powder, Haldi Gath, Dhoop, Kapoor, Ghee, Batti (Round), Batti (Long), Majeeth, Oil, Match Stick, Deepak, Agarbatti, Red Cloth, Kesar, Panchmeva, Elaichi, Dona, Moli, Itra, Abheer, Gulal, Wheat, Shringar Samagri, Ganga Jal, Honey, Mishri, Gulab Jal, Janeu, Sindoor, Sugar, Peeli Sarson, Kala Teel, Dhan Ki Kheel, Patasha, White Cloth, Yellow Cloth, Kamal gatta.

Samagri to be arranged : Paan ka Patta, Mango Leaves, Panchamrit, Fruits, Sweets, Nariyal, Flowers, Dhurwa, Dhoti Gamcha, Tulsi Leaves, Bel Patra, Gold & Silver Coins, Sukha Nariyal,
Phool Mala, Saree Blouse, Sugarcane, Amla, Ber, Chopda, Panchratna, Aasan, Paata, Plates, Bowls, Spoons, Photo / Murti of Laxmi & Ganesh, Kalash.