Sudarshan Puja


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    •  Avg. Preparation Time : 2hrs
    • Puja Performance Duration :6-8Hrs
    • Days : 1
    • No of Pandits Required : 3
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About Sudarshan Puja

Sudarsana Puja is regarded as the best protection from all evils, dosha nivaran, troubles from enemies, black magic, evil eye, fear and persecution by evil spirits and health problems.

Sudarshan is the weapon of Lord Vishnu. According to scriptures, Lord Vishnu is the protector / preserver of the Universe. He  represented the aspect of the supreme reality and is the Lord of protection & maintenance. Lord Vishnu reincarnated on earth from time to time to destroy the evil in the world according to Hindu mythology.

The preserver god of the Trinity has four arms. In the first hand he holds a mace (the power of knowledge), in second hand he holds a conch shell (the symbol of the origin of existence when blown, it has the primeval sound from which all creation began). The third-hand holds the Sudarshan Chakra (the discus symbolic of the Universal mind which can destroy the demons or evil sources), and the fourth hand hold lotus (the unfolding universe and also the notion of purity). His preserving, protecting powers have been manifested to the world in a variety of forms, called Avatars.

Benefits of Sudarshan Puja :

  • This Puja removes all the enemies, avoid accidents and astrological flaws.
  • This Puja provides the person with the victory, courage and prosperity.
  • Suffering caused by incurable diseases, sorcery or enemies are dispelled by Lord Sudarshan.
  • It stops the danger or problems, which may possibly occur in future.
  • It is performed for peace and happiness and to get rid of evil forces.