Kamdev Rati Puja

Kamdev Rati Puja


• Avg. Preparation Time : 90 Min

• Puja Performance Duration : 6 Hrs

• Days : 1

• No of Pandits Required : 1

Kamdev and Rati are the god of love. They bring in happiness and love in our lives. People worship them for getting good, happy loving relationship life. The learned and well-experienced pandit for the best love and happiness in life performs this puja. All those who seek for love in their lives perform this puja. One should not hesitate in performing this puja as it brings in happiness and joy in your life. With this puja, your physique is improved and mind overflows with enthusiasm and vigor.

Benefits of Kamdev Rati Puja :

• This puja will help you to marry the love of your life. If your family is opposed to the relationship, this puja will help them realize that you have chosen the right life partner.

• This puja will also help you to add romance and passion to your existing relationship.

• This puja is very beneficial for people who want to look good and attract the people of the opposite sex.

• This puja is also good for people who want to be more charming and thus have a great personality that influences other people.

• This puja is also good for people who want to use their looks and personalities to control the decision made by others and turn it to their favor.