Mangalik Dosh Puja

Mangalik Dosh Puja


• Avg. Preparation Time : 90 Min

• Puja Performance Duration : 6 Hrs

• Days : 1

• No of Pandits Required : 1

Mangal Paath is a ceremonial chanting of mantras dedicated to Lord Mangal, in order to seek his good blessings. Being one of the chief Navagrahs of Hinduism, Mangal’s position on a person’s horoscope can have either positive or negative effects on his or her life. The Mangal Paath Pooja eliminates most ill effects of a negatively placed Mangal or Mars in one’s horoscope, and ensures a good future for them.

Mars, Mangal, or the Mangal Graha is the action planet and the planet of desire. Mars, the God of War, devises energy, action, and desire. It is the bringer of survival instinct in individuals and the nurturer of the “leftover” animal instincts that we human beings have saved over centuries; like aggression, anger, and survival. Mangal Graha is also the ruler of our carnal desires and our basic animalistic nature. Mangal bellies the impulse and ensures that people act before they contemplate. The raw, impatient, rash, aggressive and adventurous side of people is driven by the planet, along with our competitive streak.

Benefits of Mangalik Dosh Puja :

• Provides stability in both personal and professional life.

• Removes obstacles in the way of success.

• Induces rational thinking and calmness.

• Resolves problems related to marriage and manglik dosh.

• Provides relief from other malefic effect of planet Mangal.