Lord Vishnu Puja

Lord Vishnu Puja


Avg. Preparation Time : 90 Min

Puja Performance Duration : 3 Hrs

Days : 1

No of Pandits Required : 1

Vishnu Bhagavan is depicted as dark or pale blue complexion with four arms splendid with his beloved wife Lakshmi on a huge snake who has many heads known as Seshanaag. He carries lotus (Padma) in the lower left arm, Mace (Kaumodaki Gada) in lower right hand, Panchajanyashankh in the upper left arm and Discus (Sudarshana Chakra) in an upper right arm.

Benefits of Lord Vishnu Puja

By commencing Vishnu Puja life of the devotees get assorted and propitious. His professional life becomes good and he overcomes any obstacles. Afterlife he gets Moksha and it diminishes the bad effects of past life.  You are blessed with happiness and peace in life.

Puja Samagri :

Samagri that can be provide : Supari,Laung,Roli,Rice, Chandan, Haldi Powder, Haldi Gath, Ganga Jal, Mishri, Sugar, Safeed Til, Kapoor, Dhoop, Ghee, Batti (Round), Batti (Long), Match Stick, Deepak, Agarbatti, Red Cloth, White Cloth, Yellow Cloth, Gud, Sindoor, Kesar, Panchmeva, Elaichi, Dona, Moli, Itra, Abheer, Gulal, Wheat, Honey, Janeu, Peeli Sarson.

Samagri to be arranged : Idol of Vishnu Ji, Paan ka Patta, Mango Leaves, Panchamrit, Fruits, Sweets, Nariyal, Flowers, Dhurwa, Dhoti Gamcha, Tulsi Leaves, Bel Patra, Banana Leaves, Phool Mala, Prasad(Seera/Panjire/Churma), Aasan, Paata, Plates / Bowls / Spoons, Chowki, Kalash.